MenCho Men's Chorus  Coventry

Jon & Seb are now in their final year of studying music at Coventry University. Their first collaboration, a piano/percussion duet, undertaken in 2011 encompassed arranging and performing. Continuing to work together on university projects they decided on an ambitious project to end their time as undergraduates...this project is MenCho!

Seb Farrall (Musical Director)

Seb is an emerging composer and conductor, having been the assistant conductor of the CUPA Orchestra (Coventry University Performing Arts) for the academic year 2012-2013; he was then invited to work as a bandmaster in an American Salvation Army summer camp in Virginia. Seb also teaches brass and percussion, helping with the Junior Band at the Coventry City Salvation Army. His compositional work has also been played by ensembles across the U.K.





Seb Farrall Conducting the CUPA Ensemble

Seb Farrall conducting the CUPA ensemble

Seb Farrall playing percussion


Performance has been a large part of Seb’s life, starting singing in junior choirs at the age of 6; he then began playing percussion and has recently toured with different ensembles to various countries including the U.S.A, in Europe and (of course!) the U.K.

2014 looks to be an exciting year, with the continuation of the assistant conductors post with the CUPA Orchestra, and the formation of MenCho. Seb is very excited!

Jon Welling

(Co-Director & Pianist)

Jon is an all-round musician, whose strengths lie mainly within composing using digital equipment, such as sequencing software and live studios. He has a passion for music for film and game, and has composed for various film clips in the past; Jon was commissioned to compose for a short film entitled ‘Tinnitus’, directed by a close friend, in his first year at university.

Jon playing drums


Alongside composition, Jon is also a more than capable session musician, playing a wide range of instruments to a decent standard, including piano/keyboard, drums/percussion and bass guitar. He has been involved with many musical performances such as “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Beauty and the Beast”, playing from both written scores and purely by ear. Jon has also played in and composed for various rock bands as a drummer, building quite a reputation in his local area.

With Jon now in his final year at university, he is eager to get stuck into all upcoming projects, and cannot wait to see MenCho take shape!

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