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MenCho...that’s a funny name. Where did it come from?

We get asked this....a lot. MenCho is an abbreviation of Men’s Chorus, saving one syllable and four letters! We think it sounds slightly Italian, the language of music!

What is MenCho?

The MenCho project stems from an assessment for us at Coventry University, the Final collaborative event. This project was presented to us as an opportunity to do something massive, ambitious and be source of great enthusiasm. Inspired by Gareth Malone on the television we started our plans in September to form a community men’s chorus.
We have never run a choir from the ground-up before so perfection will be slightly out of reach, but we shall give it a good go! Our main objective is to empower inexperienced singers, and to have fun doing so.


Every man is welcome to join....we mean it. We’d like as many men as possible! Everyone deserves to have a chance at making music, and we are giving that chance to the men of Coventry. Everyone can sing (if they believe it or not!).

Choirs can be a great source of camaraderie, think of all the songs football match!
All we ask is that you sign up on the website so we have an idea of numbers and contact details. There is no cost, and there will be no auditions.


Our first rehearsal is in January at the Coventry City Salvation Army Hall located on the corner of Upper Well Street and Lamb Street, with parking available.
Between January and May we will meet nearly every Monday evening leading to a final celebration concert at Coventry University where the general public, along with family and friends will be invited. We will also perform a few informal concerts, gaining performance experience as a chorus leading up to May.

The Final Concert:

We will have a small rock band to accompany the chorus, and we will be singing popular music....not pop the genre, but songs that are popular; partially resting on choir choice.

The final concert won’t be an average run-of-the-mill choral talent show, with fancy robes and intellectual music, but will have some new ideas to liven up the audience and our men...but to find out more, you’ll have to sign up if you are a man, and come along to the concert if you are a woman!

Could it carry on?

We realise that joining a full time choir is a large commitment and may be daunting for the busy lifestyle we all lead. We are resourcing the final concert for an amazing one-off experience, rather than for the sustainability of a full time choir. We would love to continue running MenCho after May, but for the moment, the aim is to put every ounce of effort and enthusiasm into one huge event that people can commit to in the short term, rather than the long.

Are there similar choirs in Coventry?

Yes. We aren't trying to replicate, or replace any of the current groups. We have placed our rehersal on a spare evening to most of these groups, so there is no clash.

We have large amounts of respect and admiration for the established community groups, and welcome their members into MenCho. This is a temporary project, and at the end could feed newly inspired singers into the established groups, as a result, a healthy colaboration is required.

Other Questions

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